Print and fold a free mini coloring book with 8 tiny pictures on 1 sheet of paper. This cat-and-fruit-themed booklet features Pineapple the cat & Kiwi the kitten, characters from my picture book, ORIGINAL CAT, COPY CAT (Greenwillow, 2021).
Download the free Mini Coloring Book (PDF).
Scroll down for folding instructions.
Mini coloring book next to colored pencils
Folding Instructions
Supplies: 1 sheet of standard 8.5" x 11" paper, scissors
Note for Kids: Please ask an adult to help you use scissors.
Step 1
Download and print the free Mini Coloring Book (PDF).
Step 2
Cut off the outer edges along the dotted line. (Note for kids: Please ask an adult to help you cut around the dotted line.)
Mini coloring book with a dotted line showing where to cut with scissors
Step 3
Accordion fold.
Mini coloring book accordion folded
Step 4 
Cut along the center dotted line. (Note for kids: Please ask an adult to help you cut the dotted line.)
Mini coloring book held up to show where to cut with scissors
Step 5
Fold back.
Mini coloring book folded back
Step 6
Gather the pages into a booklet.
Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of your very own mini coloring book! Time to color some cats (and fruit)!
Mini coloring book
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